Our history

A history made of passion 

Cavinato Dino company was founded on 1967 by Dino and Gianna Cavinato. After having acquired a strong experience in jewellery manufacture, husband and wife decided to found their own company, that today is also supported by their four sons Stefano, Vittorio, Elena and Nicola. Starting from a small studio in their garage and from the first deliveries by Vespa, today the company is exporting their products to over thirty countries around the world. In fifty years Cavinato Dino S.r.l. has always produced medals, pendants with hol images. It’s also specialized in prizes and medals for important charities and sports associations.

Nevertheless, Dino and Gianna have never stopped to transfer their precision and work ethic to their employees. These aspects after fifty years allow the company to deliver to the market high quality products, made with the attention of the true artisan.The dedication to work and the resolution have allowed Mr and Ms. Cavinato to be pioneers on the discovering of new gold manufacturing techniques. In 50 years, the family has been the link that has allowed the company to grow and achieve great results. Gianna and Dino are also attached to their employees, who have been part over the years of the company development and success.

Our services

English, German and French speakers

585 Stock available to sell

Gold and Silver custom products

Our company

Cavinato Dino S.r.l. is offering a several collections, sutable for every occasion.
We are offering jewellery for men and women. Furthermore we have a collection dedicated to kids. 
Our catalogue includes also a range of sacred symbology made of gold and silver for the most important monotheistic religions, exporting our products over thirty countries.


From the ingot we create the alloy to make our articles in gold and silver. We deal with their processing from the earliest stages.

“On the bench” gold working

The products are then worked, welding religious images and their small parts, as Mr Dino still does today, passing on his know-how to his workers.

Polishing, Finishing, and Quality Assurance

From the “buratti” to our workwomen, all our products are polished with care by our workers to bring out every single detail.


Every jewellery is washed and wrapped by hand, to guarantee maximum quality of the product.


On our headquarters 585 and 333 stock is available to sell for companies and dealers. English, German and French speakers are available to support you during the sale.