Craftsmanship and innovation: our winning combination.

In its 55 years of existence, our company has not only experienced generational change, but also that of its machinery. A constant and continuous change made to follow the needs of the market which, among other things, has led us to be pioneers in the application of laser technology on gold processing.


Our production inevitably starts with the raw material, gold or silver, which, in order to be processed, is melted down together with specific alloys and cast inside moulding boxes to form small alloy ingots in 18Kt, 14Kt, 10Kt, 9Kt, 8Kt gold or 925 and 800 silver. These ingots are then heated and pressed using the rolling mill until slabs of the desired thickness are obtained. This step is fundamental in order to immediately define the main characteristics of the finished product.


In order to access subsequent processing, the sheet obtained must be able to be inserted into the moulds. It must therefore be drawn, bringing the sheet to the required width.


The sheet can be fed into the press, which shears it to a predefined shape. Once sheared, the products move on to the stamping stage, where the required images or designs are imprinted.

CNF shearing

The plate is placed inside a numerically controlled machine that, through its multiple functions, can produce products with different processing (polishing, satin-finishing, diamond-finishing or engraving).

Bench processing

The articles obtained from the previous processes are bench-processed and enriched with sacred images by welding and all the necessary accessories. This stage of production is still supervised today by Dino Cavinato, who continues to pass on his know-how to his collaborators.


Once bench processing is complete, all the products are placed inside the tumblers, which smooth and degrease them.


After being passed through the tumblers, all our products are expertly hand-polished by our polishing operators to bring out every single detail. This is a fundamental process, a distinguishing feature of ours that is immediately evident on every single product.

Laser engraving

Once polished, our designs are customised by laser engraving. This process allows for extremely detailed and precise decorations with a clean operation that does not ruin the surface with abrasions or burrs.


The last step in our production process is the final washing of the finished products, which is carried out using ultrasound. After washing and subsequent drying, all products leave production for the strict quality control service.