A goldsmith tradition known in over 30 countries around the world.

Since 1967, our company has excelled in the production of goldsmith products, with a strong specialisation in the production of medals and pendants representing sacred iconography.

Founded as a family-run handicraft workshop, our company has grown with an eye on the evolution of the market, which has led us today to export successfully to more than thirty countries around the world and to be a true benchmark in precious metal processing on a national and international level.

Despite industrialisation, we have maintained our artisan heart, passion for work and perseverance that our parents, who are still present in the company, continue to pass on to us with enthusiasm.

Innovative spirit

Over the years, we have followed market trends and listened carefully to our customers’ needs, converting production accordingly and continuing to invest in innovation. Innovation that we have applied to our product catalogue, but also and above all to our production, which has always been characterised by state-of-the-art equipment, to the point of making us pioneers in certain gold-processing techniques, which today have become a standard for the sector.

Italian craftsmanship

We like to be able to say with pride that, despite continuous and significant investments in production facilities, we have retained our artisan imprint. In this way, the knowledge and experience gained by our parents are still passed on to us children and to our employees, enabling us to continue creating innovative, high-quality products enriched with the secrets of the trade and made with the care of a true craftsman.

Made in Vicenza

The excellence of the Italian market and, in particular, that of Vicenza is universally recognised in the gold and jewellery sector. We are proud that our company was born and raised in Camisano, in the province of Vicenza, because we believe that the link with the social fabric of such a stimulating, competitive and specialised area has strongly contributed to our success over the years.

The history

A passion that has been alive for 55 years

In these 55 years, family has been the leitmotif that has allowed us to carry on the business started by our parents, who have never stopped teaching us all about dedication and precision in our work. Dino and Gianna, in fact, paid great attention and attachment not only to us children, but also to all the employees who have always contributed to the company’s success.


After gaining solid experience as goldsmiths, Gianna and Dino Cavinato decided to found the company on 19 March 1967. Cavinato Dino’s business thus began in a small workshop housed in a garage.


We moved to a new building, housing our living quarters on the first floor and our workshop on the ground floor, which was later expanded.


Construction of the new industrial facility and relocation of the business to what is still the company headquarters. 1983 was also the year that Stefano Cavinato officially joined the company.


1989 is the year that saw the transformation of the company from a sole proprietorship to a limited liability company. The company grew and, at the same time, so did our reputation in the Italian market.


The 1990s were the years in which we began to participate in major trade fairs, as we realised not only the export potential, but also the fact that the company was beginning to be quite well known abroad.


Nicola Cavinato joined the company and decided to become an operational member of the family company team. The introduction of laser marking into production also dates back to this period: it was an upheaval, an epoch-making turning point, which forever changed the way of manufacturing in the sector and allowed us to offer an item that was more beautiful and precise but, at the same time, much lighter.


Thanks to the acquisition of an important rival company, Cristiano Casarotto joined our staff and, with his great experience in exports, led to a strategic opening towards foreign markets that, over time, would strongly characterise our company.


After a long experience outside the family business, Elena Cavinato also decided to join our staff on an operational basis.


It was in the early 2000s that the first CNC machines were introduced in production: a new revolution that saw the concept of metalworking applied to jewellery. This evolution allowed us to process ever thinner thicknesses, satisfying customer demands.


We embarked on a major internationalisation plan that, over the next few years, will lead us to approach new foreign markets and strengthen our presence in the markets we already have.

The team

We are happy to say that Cavinato Dino is, to all intents and purposes, one big family. We are proud of the atmosphere in the company and the great cooperation that distinguishes us, which is based on dialogue and mutual respect at all levels. We believe that our virtually non-existent workforce turnover is a reflection of this reality, and we are proud to say that most of our employees are historical: some people have spent all their working years here until retirement.

Our staff consists of 23 people, split between offices and production.


Progress control of orders from a production point of view.
Production personnel management.


Product packaging.
Quality control.


Production manager.
Production personnel management.


Italian and foreign sales.
The face of our company.


Internal marketing.
Quality control.
Product packaging.


Accounts and administration.
Quality control.
Product packaging.


Our production staff is made up of people with a very long experience in the company. This detail, combined with the maximum availability of our employees, gives the department maximum flexibility: this approach allows us to handle special customer requests and emergencies with ease.

Our services

We care about our customers, which is why we provide you with a range of unique services designed to give you the best shopping experience.

Our hand-crafted production

We are adept at combining research and the use of state-of-the-art techniques with the precision and care typical of craftsmanship. Starting from casting, we manufacture each of our products in-house, taking care of every detail.