Fifty years together

Our history

On 1967 the couple Dino and Gianni founded Cavinato Dino company, that nowadays is a point of reference in the manufacture of precious metals both at national and international level. The knowhow acquired in the years by Mr and Ms. Cavinato, today are handed over to the sons and the employees, in order to made innovative products, keeping the secrets of the handmade techniques.

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Our products

From raw material, we made and wrap gold and silver jewellery and with our products, we are part of our customers life, sharing the most important moment with them.
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Italian artisans

Cavinato Dino S.r.l. merges innovative techniques with precision and care that are typical of the artisan job. Starting from the melting, each product is followed step by step in its realization, taking care of every single detail.

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