The interconnection of mathematics, symbolism, and spirituality

Sacred Geometry is a discipline that combines mathematics, symbolism, and spirituality, and highlights the presence of geometric patterns that are considered sacred or divine.
Such patterns are common in nature, and can be found for instance in a snail’s shell—reminiscent of a spiral—in hexagonal honeycombs, and in water droplets that, observed under a microscope, take the most diverse forms.

According to this belief, geometric patterns are closely linked to the Order of the Cosmos, and are perceived as symbolic representations of divine or spiritual aspects.
The main elements are: the circle, the sphere, the point, the spiral, the flower of life, and Metatron’s cube.

In ancient times, some civilisations such as the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans applied Sacred Geometry in architecture and art. They believed that these elements had an innate power, and that using such principles could inspire harmony and establish a connection with the divine.
Today, this subject is studied to unravel the interconnection of science, mathematics, and spirituality, and to explore the deep meaning of the universe and life.

The elements of sacred geometry

Sacred geometric shapes can be found in the reality around us, and are thought to have the power to influence our lives.

The circle

It is the bidimensional representation of a sphere, and symbolises the entirety and wholeness of the universe, as opposed to the duality often associated to the matter.

The sphere

It represents a container that includes all shapes, and symbolises the equality of everything that exists: from trees to plants, flowers, rocks, to human beings.

The point

Always present in every shape, it represents the beginning and end of every earthly experience. It is the starting and end point, symbol of the origin and final destination of every path of life.

The spiral

It appears in countless forms, the most well-known being snail shells. It represent infinity, expansion, and constant growth.

The flower of life

It is a geometric pattern composed of equidistant circles that overlap to form a flower-shaped motif. It represents all possible space and time models.

Metatron’s cube

It is a sacred symbol associated to the angel Metatron, guardian of the throne of God. Metatron’s cube is considered sacred because it is believed to contain the building blocks of divine creation.

In summary, sacred geometry represents the connection between three key elements: mathematics, symbolism, and spirituality. Through its language, it allows us to understand the origin of creation and the universal laws of existence.

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